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“NINES” Magazine – magazine for Saabers

Official “Saab magazine” does not publish for a few years, but are published independent Saab magazines, such as German “Inside SAAB” or a “Nines” Magazine published by Saab Club of North America (SCNA). NINES magazine Members of the SCNA receive bi-monthly. The current magazine, NINES, grew out of the newsletter of the Chicago Saab Club, which began 25 years ago. But it wasn’t
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First Issue of new Saab magazine “Inside SAAB”

Orio Germany and authors of the German Saab blog created a new Saab Magazine “Inside Saab” (download free PDF), there was a limited print edition. The upcoming edition of “Inside Saab” (in German), in which they are already working, is exclusively available only for members of the new Saab service clubs. The subscription is free, but only registered readers of
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