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Unique Saab 99 Limousine up for Sale

The Classic Saab 99 is one of Saab’s most iconic cars and one that appreciated in value as it went up in age. Willem Bierema from the Netherlands, one of the two enthusiasts behind the project Saab 99 Limo, contacted us with interesting news for all fans of classic Saab cars. Dirk Koppen and Willem Bierema selling their Saab 99
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Limousine: Saab 9-5 Long

Saab limousines are not uncommon, there are various versions,  but the British company Coleman-Milne specialized in converting Saab 9-5 (course and other models) models in classical extended limousine. Coleman Milne is the market leader in creating, building and selling hearses and limousines in the United Kingdom, using its own British engineers. The Company’s objective is to provide
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