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Saab 9000 SQUADRON 2017 Calendar

Well-known group of Saab fans from Taiwan, owners of Saab 9000 model – Saab 9000 SQUADRON – They have prepared a Special Saab table calendar for 2017. This limited 2017 SAAB 9000 SQUADRON table calendar has contains unique 9000 models pictures and hope you will love the arrangement. The 9000 SQUADRON Calendar with a Elegant and
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2016 Saab Club Meeting in Taiwan

Community of Saab fans in Taiwan is very strong. We wrote about them already here, they regularly organize meetings, exhibitions and a joint drive. So it was this time, the last gathering of Saab fans held last weekend. And thanks to the report by Mr. Chen Weiwei (陳偉偉) can hear what was the atmosphere at the
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Saab is Dead, Long Live Saab!

Swiss TV channel Alpha presented the interesting TV report about Saab cars and Saab fans,  entitled “SAAB est morte, vive SAAB” or in english – “Saab is dead, long live Saab!“. Here’s what they wrote in the announcement of this show: “Born just after the Second World War, the SAAB brand no longer exists after its bankruptcy.
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“Talladega – In The Long Run” exhibition is on!

A few days ago we announced the opening of a special exhibition called “Talladega – In The Long Run”  at the Saab Car museum dedicated to the famous projects – two endurance tests at the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama, USA (Talladega 1986 and Talladega 1996). To the delight of all Saab fans, the exhibition is now open.
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Interesting SAAB Business Card Holders

On Ebay you can find some very interesting things, especially those things related to Saab. This is a very interesting SAAB TURBO Stainless Steel ‘Push Type” Name Card Cases. They are present in various forms, with different motives engraved. Fits name card size of 9.0cm(W) x 5.5cm(H) or smaller, and allegedly produced in small batches – The logos are engraved with
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“SAAB Snow Attack” in Japan

We have already written on this blog about a large group of Saab fans in Japan and their regular gatherings. Their club hosts multiple events throughout the year, ranging from day drives, midnight drives, to their biggest meeting -“SAAB DAY”, Yesterday Japanese fans reunited again. The Winter Meet called “SAAB Snow Attack” is a great opportunity for fans of classic Saab
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The SAAB Force is Strong in Taiwan!

Last Sunday the 27th of December 2015, more than a hundred of Saab enthusiasts were gathering at Taiwan – Times Village theme park in Nantou County, Taiwan. This is the largest local Saab fans’ reunion since year 2012, in which this event was organized and held by Saab Club Taiwan. Taiwan is a far cry
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Saabnet.com celebrates 27th birthday

The Saab Network is an electronic moderated forum for the discussion of Saab automobiles and related topics. The Saab Network’s first message was posted in 1988. This is THE Saab site for Saab enthusiasts with a focus on friendly, respectful, and mature discourse. Saabnet.com, big and one of the oldest online Saab fans community ( 250,000 Saab
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A large gathering of Saab fans called SAAB SESSION SLOVAKIA 2015 was held last weekend, from October 9 to October 11 in the Slovak town Liptovský Ján. Here’s a short set of statistics of this Saab gathering: official number of registered participants: 91 cars and 212 Saab fans! Saab fans from 8 countries (SK, CZ, PL, HU, A, CH, D, I) the oldest car: SAAB 96
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2015 Saab meeting Gävle

Yesterday in the Swedish Gävle held a large meeting of Saab fans – 2015 Saab meeting Gävle. For the sixth consecutive year they arrange Saab Meet in Gävle. A totally free family event for everyone who has any interest in Saab cars and want to meet other Saba fans to discuss Saab’s past and future, what they think about the one
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SaabTurkiye.net First Saab Meeting in Izmir (Turkey)

SaabTurkiye.net held ther first Saab meeting in city of Izmir (Turkey). The meeting was attended Saab owners and Saab lovers from Turkey. They are a new club, but their membership is growing every day. They plan to make a another big meeting in Turkey within a few months.   Report send Erhan Babacan.

Saab Meetup HÖÖR

Yesterday was held SAAB meetup in the Swedish town Höör. This event brought together a large number of Saab fans and a large number of different models of Saab cars. Thanks to the excellent recordings of Studio Durf, we can see how it was yesterday at this SAAB gathering:

“Saab 9000 Squadron” from Taiwan!

We present to you “Saab 900 Squadron” from Taiwan! This, not a small group of Saab fans, representing almost 40s Saab 9000 owners from Taiwan. Members of this  Saab club regularly held gatherings, where sharing personal experiences about Saab 9000. Their activity is available through multiple channels: Facebook fan page, Google+ page, and blog,  and they have their own logo:
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SAAB 900SE (Thailand) vs BMW 320d

Actually, it’s not the street race, but is much more interesting that footage recorded on a highway in Thailand (Chonburi Province)! If you did not know, in Thailand there is a large group of Saab fans, gathered in the club – SAAB Club Of Thailand. Below, you can see the video in which one pretty quick Saab 900 SE drives one pretty irresponsible
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