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Mini Saab 900 Turbo

For those of you who not know Swedish, this below the video that this picture (above) is from. There was a Swedish comedy group called Galenskaparna (crazymakers – freely translated) that was asked to do a commercial for the town of Trollhättan, well known by the Saab factory. You can start at 6:35 if you only want to see
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1960: A day at the SAAB factory

The new Saab 96 was revealed at a Stockholm press conference in February 1960. This model lived on until 1980 equipped with the V4 engine. The Saab 96 was for Swedes what the VW beetle was for Germans. Here we see a snippet from the production of Saab in 1960, in factory Gothenburg.

Old Saab factory

Saab production Moments… “Saab Automobile”, Trollhätttan…