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Saab 9-3 Turbo X Exhaust Sound: Stock vs. Hirsch

Modern performance and sports cars sound less “sporty” than ever. The worst “crime” in the automotive world after fake vents, fake brake discs, fake performance badges, and fake turbo sounds. So, for example, Porsche decided to spend a millions in developing a system that ads weight merely to make a car sound better. Then, BMW
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SAAB 9000 Ceramic Exhaust Manifold

After Ceramic Coated Tubular Exhaust Manifold for Saab 9-3 and 9-5, hungarian Saab tuning house A-Z Performance presented Custom made, stainless steel, ceramic coated exhaust manifold for Saab 9000 (T5)! This custom exhaust Manifold Allowing quicker evacuation of exhaust gasses from the cylinders as well as separation of gas flow until reaching the collector, all resulting in a
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Saab Turbo X with Taliaferro Exhaust

Although Saab Turbo X stock has a very good exhaust system, with very good sound, to some it is not enough. So, Taliaferro workshop  do the upgrade –  their custom fabricated TurboX exhaust on the shop project car. However, they had to undermine the classical TurboX rear and, with a distinctive exhaust amd rear diffuser. See this “Subwoofer friendly video”, sounds very powerful:

Saab custom stainless steel exhaust

Quite a nice look and sound of a two-pipe exhaust for Saab 9-3 Convertible. This customer wanted a new stainless steel exhaust and some new tailpipes made for his Saab but didn’t want to increase the noise levels. Canavan Auto Centre , that created this custom exhaust, let him hear some different noise boxes and
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