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Vintage SAAB Club of North America will be hosting “The Great American Apple Pie Run”

Here’s a nice information for fans of Saab cars that live around New York City. The Vintage SAAB Club of North America will be hosting “The Great American Apple Pie Run” on October 8th, 2016. The VSCNA exists to encourage the maintenance, restoration and preservation of vintage SAABs. This Vintage Club  has been going strong for 32
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SOC 2016 National – South West Wales

Dragon Saab branch are very proud to be the hosts for the Saab Owners Club 2016 National club meet. The 2016 National will take place 29-31st July at Pembrey Country Park, South West Wales.  BOOK NOW You can register online by filling in the online booking form HERE or alternatively you can download the booking
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Saab Sonett Meeting in Stockholm

You probably did not know that there are specialized Saab clubs dedicated to only one Saab model. One such is the Club Sonett Sweden. Club Sonett Sweden was founded 1981 in order to look after the interests of the Saab Sonett owners. Of totally more than 10.000 manufactured Saab Sonett, where of 1868 of model Sonett II
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Estonian SAAB club – Winter meeting 2016

We got a very interesting video from Estonia, video from the last gathering of members of the local Saab Club. Estonian SAAB club organized a winter meeting. Too bad the weather turned out to be not so good, but all things considered, it was a blast to meet and film Estonian Saab enthusiasts. The weather
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Saab Club Of Arizona meeting – February 2016

Saab club of Arizona had a tuning/ tech 2 meeting last week in Mesa (Arizona) with 30+ Saab cars. Craig Beau from this Saab Club created this intresting video. All this was done on his phone and was limited to some editing flaws He wanted corrected. But, we will not complain about the technical incompleteness of movie, so enjoy
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[email protected] – May 20th, 21st and 22nd 2016

Founded in 1985, The Central Penn SAAB Club, a non-profit organization, is a group of family oriented SAAB enthusiasts who enjoy driving our SAABs. They have been recognized nationally as one of the most active SAAB Clubs in North America,  and the most famous event organized by this  club is [email protected] Just Visit they website at centralpennsaabclub.com. This site will host
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Saab Owners Convention 2016

The Saab Club of North America is pleased to announce that the location of the 2016 Saab Owner’s Convention will be in the land of peaches and hospitality, Georgia. SCNA has contracted the Marriott Evergreen Resort in Stone Mountain, Georgia to be the host venue for our annual convention, which will be held August 4-7th,
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SAAB in Japan

Although little known, Saab cars found their way to the far Japan. And not only that, but in Japan there is a very strong SAAB club that brings together a large number of Saab fans. SAAB OWNER’S CLUB OF JAPAN founded in 1982, and consists of SAAB enthusiasts, and The main aims of their club are to build
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Saab Swiss Fondue Meeting 2016

This is the announcement of a large euro-gathering of Saab fans in Switzerland early next year. This Saab meeting  is named “Saab Swiss Fondue Meeting 2016“, and  will be held 20-21 February 2016 in the Swiss Jura mountains. Since 2011 Dimini organize the Saab Swiss Fondue Meeting in their region. Since the first edition was a great success with over 60
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Saab Session Slovakia 2015 – Video

3 weeks ago Matthias Ketterl was with a few other Saab friends guest at Saab Session Slovakia 2015, Organizer of the event is “Saab Session Slovakia Team”  (co-organizers are Saab Club Slovakia, Puppy Hunters Saab Club etc.) As he says, It was a very nice meeting and now recently the filmed video was put online. And
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Cruising Meeting of “Saab Turbo Club of Sweden”

In early July the “Saab Turbo Club of Sweden” held in Skaraborg Summer Saab Cruising Meeting. The event gathered a lot of Swedish Saab fans, and plenty of beautiful Saab cars. This Cruising was classic – cars drive slowly, bumper-to-bumper, through small towns, What you can see in the following video clip from this meeting:

Beautiful Saab’s in Hong Kong

Following photo gallery from Hong Kong includes some fantastic Saabs, whose owners are members of the Saab Club Hong Kong. The event was held last weekend, During the gathering, members showed their Saab 9-5 NG Aero and fanatastic Saab 9-5 NG Hirsch. Sounds like a great club gathering and from the pictures…      

Club SAAB meeting in Bucharest – May 2015

The SAAB meeting in Bucharest (Romania) was held last weekend.  The meeting was organized by SAAB owners club from Romania . Congratulations to all who attended and helped with the cause. SAAB OWNER’S CLUB OF Romania Founded in September 2004 and consists of SAAB enthusiasts. The main aims of our club are to build the friendship between SAAB lovers,
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SAAB Tuning Club Hungary Meeting

SAAB section at the TotalCar Parkoló Parádé event. Saab Enthusiasts from Hungary had a very good time with houndreds of great cars. The TotalCar guys made lots of shoots, we will share here as well.