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Beautiful Animated SAAB Commercials by Jeanne-Philippe Delhomme

1995 SAAB company has hired well-known illustrators to get customers (target: college graduates) attention with interesting advertising campaign. Saab Cars USA has used animation for Saab 900 NG ads that debuted during April 1995. Saab USA had hoped the unconventional approach will appeal to the independent streak in car buyers, and “Find your own road” was the theme of Saab. In that
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47,653 Original Saab replacement parts are available

Exactly 47,653 Original Saab replacement parts are available in the delivery range of Orio AB Nyköping. Saab customers from all over the world can order in webshop online. Saab owners and repair shops can order anything for your car from the rubber gasket to the complete Saab engine. Web Shop make no difference whether it 9-5 NG is
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