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Saab Meme: When Saab is life

We’ve featured on this blog about a funny topic – Meme – or more precisely Saab Memes. As you probably already know, Meme is a concept, catchphrase or piece of media (usually this  is imate) which spreads, often as mimicry, Such an interesting photo sent us Willem-Jan Veldhuizen (you can follow him on Instagram). Willem-Jan‘s friend spotted this Saab
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The Saab Toppola compact camper

It all started in the early 80’s when Arwo Pullola from Filipstad got the inspiration for a car-camper, which later was renamed to Toppola. (Photo Credit Staffan Vilcans) The word came Toppola of “Top” – on top, and “ola” is a (more of a Finnish sounding) förfinskning of the ending when Arwo strains from Finland.
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