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The Wooden Scale model of the Saab 900 Cabrio NG

This is Valmet Automotive’s Christmas present to Saab fans: a true revelation for Saab Cabrio enthusiasts – the wooden scale model of the Saab 900 Cabrio NG used for wind tunnel testing! Influenced by General Motors (GM), in 1994 the “New Generation” (NG) SAAB 900 SE, based on the Opel Vectra chassis, was introduced. While this
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Annual Saab 900 Convertible meeting in Italy

Talija Draga kindly sent us an interesting report from the special Saab gatherings in Italy. Last Sunday in Italy (Friuli district) an annual gathering of Saab 900 OG Convertibles took place. In short, we received many beautiful photos of italian Saabs. This year only six beauties turned up. At last year’s meeting more than 20 retro Saab convertibles
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Saab Named Desire

Stuff you do when your parents are not home… … and the keys of the Saab at your fingertips. The owner’s son takes his chance. But then … Cute Saab Convertible commercials “Joyriding” from 1999 for Dutch car insurance company Apeldoorn:

1992 Saab 900S Convertible on Craiglist

Here is Very nice Saab 900S, pre-GM model that looks to be in better condition than its 110k miles would suggest, owned by retired movie star. Exhaust, tires and battery are all new, BBS wheels are great, the interior shows very well and the seller says that it drives excellently. Car was professionally repainted a
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