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Saab 9-3 From the Future

This project “SAAB NEW RANGE STRATEGY“ is the result of four months of work of the French team of students, realised at Institut Supérieur de Design Valenciennes. The project dates from 2013 and was presented in early 2014. The philosophy was to present a brand strategy (branding) for Saab to restart studying the market, customers and
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NEVS 9-3 EV Sedan without a SAAB Badge!

Earlier, the NEVS company announced that “negotiations about the use of SAAB brand are ongoing”. However, according to the latest news, the negotiations were not successful. The electric 9-3 sedans circulating in the news recently will not be Saabs. They’ll look like Saabs, be largely constructed out of Saab parts, and built in the Saab factory in
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The SAAB Force is Strong in Taiwan!

Last Sunday the 27th of December 2015, more than a hundred of Saab enthusiasts were gathering at Taiwan – Times Village theme park in Nantou County, Taiwan. This is the largest local Saab fans’ reunion since year 2012, in which this event was organized and held by Saab Club Taiwan. Taiwan is a far cry
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„The Journey” – Saab Brand Film

This is Saab Brand Film from 2007 „The Journey” – The film that shows the philosophy of Swedish car company and Engineering Heritage of Saab. In this film appear cars  Saab Aero X, Saab 9-5 SportCOmbi and Saab 9-3 Convertible.

Nevs lose the right to use the Saab brand!

Nevs may no longer sell and produce cars under the name Saab. Defense group Saab AB has withdrawn the law. Nevs but must now negotiate the license agreement and believe that it will be successful, published the Swedish Radio P4 Vast. Saab AB reacted to NEVS’ application for reconstruction by cancelling the agreement to use the Saab
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