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Monster: Saab B234 (700hp) in 1956 Morris Minor

After Urchfab – Amazing Saab Hot Rod (Classic Hotrod with Saab engine), here’s another interesting swap project –  1956 Morris Minor with 700hp Saab engine. Saab engine of 700 horses in a Morris Minor 1956 – Kim from Sweden has built a cute monster that you can read about in Bilsport 14-15 / 2016. This Morris
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AERO M3 Turbo Drifter (+500hp)

Not the first time that someone put Saab’s engine in BMW. We already had an example of installing Saab’s B206 engine in BMW M3, and here’s a new example of swapping SAAB B234 engine in BMW M3. Project called AERO M3 Turbo was conducted by 011 Racing Team of tuners from Belgrade, Serbia. The car was started as a salvage project for a nearly
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Boat with 2 Saab’s turbocharged engines

Boat: Vator 22 ft. with two turbocharged SAAB B234 engines. Acitune YT user has uploaded this Interesting video. Some boat owner got rid of their old Mercruisers and put a Saab’s engines instead, . These are an early tests nad So here we are :)