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Saab was losing $ 1.3 million a day during the ownership of Victor Muller!

Victor Muller and his sports car company Spyker missing opportunities to save Saab Automobile. Saab Automobile was sold to Spyker Cars N.V. in 2010 after a deal between Spyker and then-current owner General Motors. In 2012, Spyker filed a lawsuit against GM asking for US$3 billion in damages after GM had attempted to block the
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Saab Turbo 16 with Saab Direct Ignition (SDI)

A flash from the past – the Saab Turbo 16 with Saab Direct Ignition (SDI) from 1985. The engine could release of a burst of sparks to burn away moisture on the spark plug electrodes if the engine fails to start first time from cold – a flash indeed. Sometimes we all need a little
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How Saab Trionic improves vehicle emissions

Emissions tests are commonly performed in some regions to try to reduce the carbon footprint of vehicles. Trionic is an engine management system developed by Saab Automobile, consisting of an engine control unit (ECU) that controls 3 engine aspects: Ignition timing, Fuel injection and Acts as a boost controller. Saab Trionic was developed by Saab Automobile back in
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Robots on Saab’s Assembly Line

The production of a SAAB automobile begins in the stamping plant, where huge steel and aluminium strips weighing several tons are cut into blanks. A car only starts taking on recognizable form during the construction process of the car-body shell. Production of the body shell involves assembling hundreds of steel and aluminium parts of various sizes and thickness
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Saab Strategic Design Project

“Beyond the Aircraft Heritage” was Design Project of The Umea Institute of Design  in collaboration with SAAB Automobile. Students finished that project where they were tasked with designing a Saab concept with a twist. In this project students developed complete concepts for vehicles that in their opinion can promote the Saab brand in a successful direction
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Who killed Saab Automobile?

An obitury of an automotive icon… This report, by Dr Matthias Holweg of Cambridge Judge Business School and proffesor Nick Oliver of the University of Edinburgh Business School, examines the 62-year history of Saab Automobile from its creation in the 1940s to its bankruptcy on 19 December 2011. Study tries to answer the questions: who is responsible for
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Asian carmaker agreed to buy a majority stake in Nevs!

National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB, the investment group that bought the assets of Saab Automobile two years ago, said it’s found two Asian investors that may help fund its revival of the Swedish car brand. NEVS said it on Sunday inked a preliminary agreement with an unnamed Asian carmaker (probably Mahindra) that is interested in becoming
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Old Saab factory

Saab production Moments… “Saab Automobile”, Trollhätttan…

Saab 9-5R 815hp 900nm – Insanely fast!

Nordic Tuning has boosted the power of the famous runners Saab 9-5R  to 815hp  with 900nm of torque.  More power than a modern supercar, even faster than the Honda CBR 1000cc RR: Saab 9-5R vs. Honda CBR 1000

“Top Gear” Used car guide to the Saab 900

In This Old “Top Gear” from 1998, Quentin Willson gives a used car guide to the Saab 900 and looks at running costs and servicing. This clip was extracted from the episode that was first broadcast on the 19th March 1998:

Saab 900 Turbo – “The Silver Beast” for James Bond

In Licence Renewed Bond drives a Saab 900 Turbo. For some editions of the book, the car is shown as black or red on the book cover; however, in the book the car’s colour is not mentioned. It only became silver and took on the nickname the “Silver Beast” (this is the first book in which the car’s colour is mentioned
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Meet the SAAB Sonett, 9-1, and 9-3—three SAABs that never saw the light of day once the company went under. Here they are, courtesy of their designer, Jason Castriota.

Google Android based infotainment system in Saab Automobile

The company Saab Automobile visionary promote integrated entertainment and information of automotive systems ( infotainment ) entering into partnerships with Google, creating new IQon infotainment concept . As owners of Saab cars with new IQon system in the vehicle will be able to take over the Internet directly from a wide range of applications, and
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