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Help to find a part for the Saab 93 A

Steffen Wirth wrote to us to help him in the search for the rare Saab part. Namely, he is proud owner of a Saab 93 A from 1957. This week he visited  the Saab Car Museum in Trollhaettan where he saw what he needed. It is the 6 Blade Propeller instead of the 4 Blade, and he hopes that Saab communities
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Muscle Saab 92 B De Luxe (1956) on Sale

Saab 92 B de luxe from 1956, fully restored and in top condition! In total, only 20,128 units were built, the Saab 92 B was produced from 1952 to 1956, then came out the Dreizylin – the Saab 93 A, which was much larger. Erik Carlsson won in 1955 with a Saab 92 B at the
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