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Saab 900S “Yellow Devil”

This beautiful Saab 900s T16 comes from Finland. The owner of this “Yellow Devil” spent about 2000 € in its restoration and arrangement, which took him 2 years. Now, this is a different, more powerful machine, and its exhaust emits powerful Saab sounds. Here’s how this car looks like two years ago: Saab 900 T16
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Saab 900S – MotorWeek Retro Review ’83

Here’s a MotorWeek Retro Review of the Saab 900S from 1983. This is a great chance to see Saab still alive and kicking. While not one of the more famous turbocharged examples, the naturally aspirated 900S is still a quintessential Saab in every other way. The MotorWeek reviewers definitely aren’t sold on the looks though, and
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Black Saab Rules!

Jerry Seinfeld is one of those people that basically needs no introduction – famous stand up comedian na TV star. If you’ve never seen Seinfeld then you might want to consult a physician :) since there’s obviously something wrong with your eyes. In that TV show, Seinfeld drove a Saab 900S Convertible. From episode “The Puerto Rican Day“:
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Beautiful Saab 900 Photos

Talented photographer, Flickr user and Saabist (owner of Saab 900S) Diego Jambrina from Bilbao made a outstanding photos of Saab car and Nature, see:

1992 Saab 900S Convertible on Craiglist

Here is Very nice Saab 900S, pre-GM model that looks to be in better condition than its 110k miles would suggest, owned by retired movie star. Exhaust, tires and battery are all new, BBS wheels are great, the interior shows very well and the seller says that it drives excellently. Car was professionally repainted a
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