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Saab 900 and “Nightdrive With You”

Saab 900 in another (Saab) music video. Nice ambiënt music, this video is in an 80’s retro electro chillwave synthpop, with a beautiful Saab 900i too. This is unofficial music video for the song “Nightdrive With You” from the EP “Nightdrive With You” [2008] by Anoraak. Great video realization and editing by Aurélien FERRÉ:

Nordic goddess with a tax and drink problem

“Nordic goddess with a tax and drink problem”  :) This is the title of a loveable ads for the sale of Saab 900i in Ireland. And that’s not all, and the rest of the ad is in a similar vein: One family owned from new, No accidents. New paint, head lining, head gasket, battery and what ever
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Saab 900i in music video “Drive Darling”

This is “Drive Darling” music video  taken from the album “Mutual Friends” by BOY  Swiss/German duo / Valeska Steiner and Sonja Glass. In an interview Valeska explains this song its about the day she left her home country and her mama drived her to Germany. Her mom doesnt like to drive so Valeska made a special music mix for
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Saab 900i from New Zealand

Believe it or not, Saab cars have arrived even in New Zealand. This very good 1992 Saab 900 is Located in Auckland City, the distant New Zealand. This 1992 Saab 900i is a late, pre-GM model that looks to be in better condition than its 203k kilometers would suggest, though part of this is owed to a professional, original
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Saab 900i and “Tour de Balkan”

Stop motion video of a Saab 900i. The single stills were shot at locations through the balkan (2012). Very interesting idea and even better performance, enjoy: Tour de Balkan from fffilm on Vimeo.