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Saab 9000 SQUADRON participated in 90’S classic

Known Saab 9000 SQUADRON from Taiwan  participated in 90’S classic car yearly party on 17 Apr. They are well organized and solidly united team. Leading a high standard perform to a new SAAB world. At this interesting meeting gathered as many as 25 members of SAAB 9000 Squadron. See these impressive photos from the set:  

Saab 9000 Squadron Christmas Party

Taiwanese Saab fans are very active and often organize gatherings, and especially their branch “Saab 9000 Squadron”  who gathers proud owners of Saab 9000. They gathered again yesterday on the occasion of Christmas at the “Flying Cow Ranch” near Taichung City. Sunday’s event attracted as many as 26 local owners of Saab 9000. See below for a
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“Saab 9000 Squadron” from Taiwan!

We present to you “Saab 900 Squadron” from Taiwan! This, not a small group of Saab fans, representing almost 40s Saab 9000 owners from Taiwan. Members of this  Saab club regularly held gatherings, where sharing personal experiences about Saab 9000. Their activity is available through multiple channels: Facebook fan page, Google+ page, and blog,  and they have their own logo:
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