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Saab 900 Talladega concept from Finland

Another sadly still-born Finnish Saab project, from Valmet company. Saab’s record-breaking endurance tests at Talladega in 1986 prompted Uusikaupunki (Valmet, Finland) plant to launch a “Talladega” concept with the 900 coupe and cabrio models in 1991 with an all-red livery and the aerokit. The project was stalled, but the name Talladega was again used in
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Saab 900 Talladega Challenge 1996

In October of 1996, Saab Automobile brought over 6 randomly selected standard production 1997MY Saab 900 models to the Talladega International Speedway to test their endurance on the track over the course of a 8 days. The 6 Saab 900 vehicles included naturally aspirated, turbo’d and V6 equipped vehicles. Journalists from all over the world
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