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Woman charged with arson after Saab Convertible torched in Australia

A woman has been charged with arson, after a Saab 900 NG Convertible was allegedly torched in the basement car park of an apartment block in Brisbane’s (Australia) inner north last week, 9News reports. The fire, allegedly lit by the woman about 4am, destroyed the Saab convertible and prompted the evacuation of residents of the Nundah
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Beautiful Animated SAAB Commercials by Jeanne-Philippe Delhomme

1995 SAAB company has hired well-known illustrators to get customers (target: college graduates) attention with interesting advertising campaign. Saab Cars USA has used animation for Saab 900 NG ads that debuted during April 1995. Saab USA had hoped the unconventional approach will appeal to the independent streak in car buyers, and “Find your own road” was the theme of Saab. In that
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3D Print Project: Cup Holder for Saab 9-3 OG (900NG)

Here’s another interesting SAAB 3D print project that comes with the famous 3D repositories Thingiverse (494,960+ 3D DESIGNS). MakerBot’s Thingiverse is a thriving design community for discovering, making, and sharing 3D printable things. As the world’s largest 3D printing community, they believe that everyone should be encouraged to create and remix 3D things, no matter their technical
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Saab 900 NG “Pikes Peak” Racecar on eBay!

This is Saab 900 NG “Pikes Peak” (VIN:YS3DC55NXS2049233 -mileage shows 34,120) with history and legacy From the GM Heritage Collection Pikes Peak “Race to the Clouds” time of 13:46 in 1997 Placed second in the High Performance Showroom Stock 2WD class. Full roll cage Halon fire suppression system Raced by Car & Driver editor Larry Webster
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Tiff Needell roadtests the Saab 9-3

This is insert from Old “Top Gear” from 1998, year when The first generation Saab 9-3, a substantially improved Saab 900 (NG) was launched for the 1999 model year. Television presenter and motoring journalist Tiff Needell roadtests the Saab 9-3:

Über Rare Saab 900 NG Sensonic (Clutchless) edition

A small number of SAABs 900 NG was equipped with a ‘Sensonic‘ clutch variant, (available on Turbo models only) provided a manual gear lever as in a standard manual transmission car, but omitted the clutch pedal in favor of electronics which could control the clutch faster than an average driver. Sensonic was discontinued after a
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The Saab Toppola compact camper

It all started in the early 80’s when Arwo Pullola from Filipstad got the inspiration for a car-camper, which later was renamed to Toppola. (Photo Credit Staffan Vilcans) The word came Toppola of “Top” – on top, and “ola” is a (more of a Finnish sounding) förfinskning of the ending when Arwo strains from Finland.
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Night Panel

1993 Saab implemented Night Panel. The Saab Night Panel, formerly known as the Saab Black Panel as depicted above in the 2005 Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan television advertisement for the U.S. market, is a notable Saab innovation derived from the aeronatics industry. The Saab Black Panel was first developed in 1993 and first introduced into
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Saab 900 NG – Rollover and drive

And while some fans preferred the older SAAB 99 design, the Saab 900 of the 1980s and 90s wasn’t a “bad” car – and it certainly was known for its safety. It’s been a while, but we vaguely recall this commercial from back in 1995 that was made to illustrate just how stiff the chassis was
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