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30-year Anniversary – The Start of the Saab 900 Cabrio Production

This week marks the very nice anniversary of Saab cars. This week marks the 30-year anniversary of the start of the Saab 900 Convertible production! On May 7, 1986 Valmet Automotive (Finland) issued a press release, announcing the start of the Saab 900 cabrio production. We’ll commemorate the anniversary of this event for a few days now. First,
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Saab 900 Cabrio Crash Test Car

Valmet Automotive posted a very rare picture on it’s Facebook fan page – here’s one of the very few images of a flatnose (Saab 900) crash test car in Cabri oversion at the Uusikaupunki plant, in matt orange livery as it should be! Actually, it is pretty grim to see the look in the headlights
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The First Batch of 400 Saab 900 Cabrios

Here’s one of the few pictures that were taken at the Uusikaupunki Valmet Automotive plant of the first batch of 400 Saab 900 Convertibles to be delivered to the US dealers. The first prototype aroused enormous interest and in April 1984, Saab decided to put the car in production at Valmet Automotive in Finland. The production
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Jalopnik: Saab 900 Cabrio – Most Hipster Car Ever Made!

In Yesterday’s blog post Jalopnik made its selection of The Ten Most Hipster Cars Ever Made. Guess who is in the first place? “Hipsters: they don’t buy new cars because that’s so mainstream, but they want to go camping surrounded by vintage upholstery. It’s a tough call, but our readers believe they’ve identified the ten ultimate hipster
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Hand-made: the Saab 900 Convertible roof system

Thanks a lot for this great Video to Valmet Automotive. Calling all Saab fans: another incredible rarity from the Valmet Automotive archives. See how the roof system was hand-made for the Saab 900 Turbo Convertible. Roof system created by US company American Sunroof Company (ASC, now known as American Specialty Cars), With an automatic operation of the top
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200,000 Saab Convertibles from Uusikaupunki

It’s June and officially summer, The right time to remind ourselves of Saab convertibles. Saab 900 Convertible The first one from Valmet Automotive Saab convertibles is the Saab 900 Cabrio – designed and manufactured at Uusikaupunki plant (Finland) only. Presented here are the two generations of the 900 Cabrio. Saab 9-3 Convertible The second convertible
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Saab 900 Speedster

This is a Saab 900 Speedster (speeder) prototype from 1984, and It was developed by designer Leif Mellberg (who was also the designer of Saab EV1 prototype) in collaboration with the Swedish car magazine “Teknikens Varld“. It’s based on a trimmed Saab 900 “Classic” model, but shorter. This prototype still exists in France and belongs to a private individual, french ex-racing
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Saab 900 Cabrio’s prototype – Unseen Photos

Company Valmet Automotive today Published a new, never posted pictures of the first prototype Saab 900 Cabrio model. Due to popular demand, here’s a generous helping of pictures from 1985 showing the fabled Saab 900 Cabrio’s prototype.

Very first Saab 900 Cabrio prototype!

After the great interest for the Saab 9000 Convertible video published by the company Valmet from Finland, please find here some more Saab goodies: never before published images of the very first Saab 900 Cabrio prototype for the series production on the very first test track try-out in 1985. The body was stiffened, but the
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