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Saab Coupe Concept by Sverre Ytterdal

We Found a great sketch by designer Sverre Ytterdal on Facebook of an Saab Coupe Concept. According to some fans of Saab, this is not true Saab, but we certainly see in this concept a Saab lines.   And here is another Saab concept, famous Saab 9-1. Je used Sketchbook pro and a Bamboo tablet for this Cool 9-1 Concept. Small, charming,
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SAAB Concept: Saab 9-X Air

The Saab 9-X Air concept is effectively a four seat speedster The Saab 9X Air concept is a four seat convertible which was revealed at the 2008 Paris Motor Show.  It is a convertible version of the Saab 9-X Biohybrid, with a canvas roof denominated “Canopy Top” by Saab. Something to compete against the likes of BMW’s MINI and
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