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The Saab 9-5 was an executive car produced by the Swedish automobile maker Saab Automobile. The first generation 9-5 was introduced in 1997 as the replacement to the Saab 9000 for the 1998 model year. At the time, the car represented a great leap forward for Saab. In the United States, the 9-5 was introduced in the spring of 1998, for the 1999 model year. On September 15, 2009, the second generation was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show and production began in June 2010.[1] It was the first Saab to be launched under Spyker Cars’ ownership, even though it was developed almost completely under GM’s ownership….

Saab 9-5 Aero Abbott 300HP vs. Volvo S60R AWD 300HP

Saab 9-5 launches with TCS on but VolvoS60R naturally launches much better with the help of AWD. With better torque and less power loss on the wheels against S60Rs AWD system, Saab with Abbott ECU just kills S60R until 220 kmh. Then R comes back into play again. This Volvo was my new purchase to replace
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The Saab 9-5 – From Factory To Road

The Progress Film Company visited 4 years ago Sweden to shoot the launch of the new Saab 9-5 (2010). Here is one of the films they produced in and around the Saab factory in Trollhättan. Very nice editing:

Saab 9-5 Gary Fisher Edition

Back in 2000, Saab has presented an special edition of Saab 9-5 at Chicago Auto Show – Saab 9-5 Gary Fisher Edition. Visually this special edition 9-5 Gary Fisher has unique bumpers, side skirts, 17-inch wheels, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and a standard roof rack. Also, in addition to the car – The $900 Gary Fisher bike – with
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Brand New Saab 9-5 NG for Sale

This is a real rarity,  Brand New 2011 Saab 9-5 NG for Sale in New London, CT, USA. Brand New Automatic Saab 9-5 available for sale with 40% off original MSRP – $27,699!

“Safety Car” Style LED Flasher on Saab 9-5

This custom LED Lights on Saab 9-5 very similar to the LED lights at SAAB 9-3,  and very well integrated into the uncluttered design of 9-5 Headlights. But that’s not all, this LED have an interesting feature – Flasher function, which you can see in the following video. Driving through bad weather, its definitely got the authentic “Safety Car” run look
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Saab 9-5 SportWagon Ad from 2002

This TV Commercial titled “What are you doing” is from 2002. for the then restyled Saab 9-5 SportWagon. The new Saab 9-5 was introduced for 1998 in most countries and 1999 in the U.S.A. For 2002 it was refreshed. The most identifiable change being the chrome-surrounded cutouts replacing the chrome grille. There were also a host of
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Saab 9-5 “Head To Head”

This is great Saab ad “Head to Head” Directed by Rob Cohen. Plot: A Saab 9-5 plays “chicken” with a CG plane on a desert runway in this spot from director Rob Cohen for Low Lintas & Partners. The Jet is fully animated and integrated into a desert setting that was filmed on location, with the added effects of
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Saab 9-5 Dancing on Icy Road

This Saab 9-5 drifting-danced today on the very icy road. Although it was very slippery, the driver is well controlled Saab 9-5, and interesting this is  in-car 4K video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9iGwkwTn58

Saab SID Pixel fix in just 2 minutes

SAAB 9-3 and 9-5 models all have the very common LCD display failure on the SID and the AC unit, which ends up in missing or fading pixels on the screen. If you have the following failures on your LCD, you are probably facing the same issue: Single pixels or complete lines of pixels have
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Useless Saab Car Cassette Deck Makes Perfect iPhone Holder

Vitage the cassette deck in Saab 9-5 is the perfect home for an iPhone. There are other places around the cockpit where one could be more snugly stashed, but there is either no room for a cable, or the cables end up strewn across the dash.

Saab 9-5X NG

Theophilus Chin from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) known as the Automotive manipulator, did the multitude photo manipulation of many cars. Among them were and Saab cars. He Just trying out a Saab 9-5x variant with raised ground clearance to rival the Audi A6 Allroad Quattro and Volvo XC70.

Saab 9-5 Saves Puppy

This is a commercial (2009) for Bridgestone, but actually for Saab 9-5 :) Bridgestone tyres are great, but Saabs are better. Guy takes his SAAB 9-5, overtakes a limo, and saves the day (super cute puppy). Ww always smile when we catch a SAAB in interesting Commercials: