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Saab 900 GTR Nordic (480hp) vs Saab 9-5 Nordic (800hp)

Race two super fast Saab’s! Both cars come from the same tuning house – Performance by Nordic, but various “forces”, Saab 900 GTR Nordic with 480hp and  Saab 9-5 Nordic  with enormous 800hp. Of course, the race start belongs to lighter car 900GTR, but of course  Saab 9-5 Nordic  takes the lead…

Saab 9-5 Nordic vs. Nissan Skyline GTR R33

This is a well known Saab 9-5 Nordic by Andy Gidlund from Nordictuning, this time in the fight with powerful Nissan Skyline GTR R33. This is a test of acceleration from  100-250km/h 60mph-155mph (Saab win):