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How does Saab 9-3X perform on Snow and Ice?

Every all wheel drive system is basically meant to make cars safer in less desirable weather and help with slipping. As far as the bad and hazardous road conditions and ice, that will be more dealt with on the tire side. With the right tires, it will absolutely do the trick. You have probably read many
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LED Door Lights for Saab

Melvin Könings from Holland yesterday sent us an interesting Saab story. He has upgraded his Saab 9-3X Sportcombi and he is now very happy with effect on his favorite car. It is a branded LED light for doors, or as they call them “Led Car Door Logo Laser Projector Light“. These decorative lights allows for a full vibrant
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Saab XWD from underneath on a Saab 9-3X

Explore the XWD system Haldex (Fourth generation) on a Saab 9-3X in Jukkasjärvi with Jan Tammpere, Project Manager The New Saab 9-3 X and Kaj Zachrisson, Extreme Skier. Saab introduced a combination of Haldex Couplings on Saab 9-3 Turbo X in late 2007, called XWD (Cross-Wheel Drive). The main components of the new Haldex system are the
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3D Model Saab 9-3x

This 3D model of Saab 9-3x was created on real car base. It’s created accurately, in real units of measurement, qualitatively and maximally close to the original. 3D model of Saab 9-3x is Ready to render and royalty free, by creativecrash.com marketplace of digital assets. The model is provided combined, all main parts are presented as separate
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Saab 9-3X 4×4 Concept

Saab 9-3X 4×4 concept car from 2002- a 4×4 vehicle than combines off-road capabilities with sporty appeal, with The V6 turbo engine produces 280bhp. The Saab 9-3X was described as a ‘cross-over coupé’, a hybrid combining sporty styling with off roading capabilities.   2002 SAAB 9-3X Concept Car Promotional Video  

New Saab 9-3X

At the Geneva motor show in March, Saab will introduce the Saab 9-3X — a new addition to the 9-3 range available as of Model Year 2010. The Saab 9-3X is a rugged all-round car designed to take active individualists to the start of their adventure. With distinctive looks, a versatile SportCombi body, higher stance and
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