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Amazing Stanced Saab 9-3 from Latvia

Stanced and lowered cars are pretty common on the roads these days. Some people don’t quite understand the attraction, but for those who do, getting lower can become quite the obsession. You probably did not know, but Latvian stance scene is very strong. A large number of Latvian fans of Stanced cars gathers around the site stance.lv. One of
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Too Low? Saab 9-3 Stance FAIL

LowSwallow Thurday RUN went a bit wrong with this beautiful Red stanced Saab 9-3 crash. As some say: “Saab’s And stance dont mix very well…” Of course, Stance won’t make your wheel fall off. We personally like it but it’s definitely not practical on a daily driven car. However, damage is small and will be successfully rehabilitated: