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New Saab 9-3 SS bodykit on demo car

Yesterday afternoon A-Zperformance team put the master pieces of the A-Zperformance Saab 9-3 II SS bodykit on their demo car. There is a very small difference in the sizes between the stock (SAAB original) and our bodykit, except the “Race” splitter. That feature was one of the main point during designing to avoid a brutal, non professional look
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A-Zperformance SAAB 9-3 II Tuning Bodykit Completed

We have already written here about A-Zperformance SAAB 9-3 II Tuning Bodykit. Now, A-Zperformance design team has completed the work on design of Saab 9-3 II bodykit. Main features of the bodykit: Two types of front splitter will be available for the front bumper: “Street” and “Race“. You can change it without any special tool
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