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Mini Saab 9-2

“Automotive manipulator” Theophilus Chin from Malaysia, and he created the multitude photo manipulation of many cars. Among them were and Saab cars, and this is his entry for CarSpyShots.net Photoshop Contest 25 – mini Saab 9-2 based on Saab 9-5 NG.

Saab’s Mini rivalling 9-2

Back to 2010, then Saab new owner, Spyker CEO Victor Muller, told CAR magazine of his desire to build a new Saab 9-2. Muller has shown selected journalists, including CAR’s Gavin Green, his own hand-drawn sketch of the 9-2 he envisages – and these is  their interpretation of those drawings. Their CGIs depict a modern take on Saab design,
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Saab 92 – Re-imagined

Saab – Brand of enthusiasts. That’s why it needs a high series production with a entry model class entry to make a significant sales volume, again. SAAB 9-2 maybe a solution. Because the German designer Quentin Huber presented his solution. It is an experience related to the look and driving pleasure. Natural strength, the Saab 9-2 is
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Design Concept – Saab 9TWO

Hussein Al-Attar is a Conceptual Artist based in Pforzheim, Germany, now the BMW designer. His field of expertise is in Industrial and Automotive Design. To stay up to date and find out more about Hussein, check out his site and Pinterest sketchbook. Here is his vision of Saab 9TWO!

Saab 9-2 Concept by Quentin Huber

  Quentin Huber is young French automotive designer, actually finishing his master in Industrial design & Management in ISD – International School of Design in Valenciennes, FRANCE.   When he was a scholar GM did the project of Saab 9-2 Concept, and designer on the project says about Saab: Saab cultivates its difference and incorporates it into his DNA.
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Failed plans for Saab 9-2

The Saab 9-2 is definitely the missing link in the portfolio of Saab cars… Saab 92, or 9-2 was a car that was proposed in 2010 be added to Saab’s production line by 2014, under its then new ownership, Spyker Cars though some commentators considered the project a pipe dream. It shows cues from the raindrop-shaped 92 that launched
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