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Full-size luxury sedan – Saab 9-9X Aero

Once, Zhejiang Youngman – one of the then buyers of Saab, announced an additional agreement for the development of three models in “the next generation of Saab” – new Saab models smaller city car (Saab 9-1), a large cross -over model positioned above the current Saab 9- 4X ( Saab 9- 6X) and large sedan
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Saab Coupe Concept by Sverre Ytterdal

We Found a great sketch by designer Sverre Ytterdal on Facebook of an Saab Coupe Concept. According to some fans of Saab, this is not true Saab, but we certainly see in this concept a Saab lines.   And here is another Saab concept, famous Saab 9-1. Je used Sketchbook pro and a Bamboo tablet for this Cool 9-1 Concept. Small, charming,
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SAAB Viggen Concept

Probably the coolest Saab We have seen in years – SAAB Viggen Compact Concept by designer pietrekm from Poland. This designer has a lot of great works in Car Design category. This is another work of his on the subject Saab – Saab 9-1:

Saab 9-1 by Photoshop

Known author Theophilus Chin ( “Automotive manipulator” ), made another interesting photo-manipulation, creating potential Saab 9-1 model based on Saab 9-5 NG. That’s a really weird looking Saab! But, by the same author this is a much better proposal: