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Beautiful 1960 Saab 93F Up for Auction

for all you classic Saab fans, a gorgeous example of a 1960 Saab 93F is up for auction at Bring-a-trail website. These cars are so simple they still work really well with just simple repairs needed, except for rust repair, of course. For now, the auction bids reached the figure of $5,700 and auction ends in 4 days.  That’s
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Saab 93: Dagbladet’s Road Test from 1958

Here’s a very interesting Saab photos that are stored in the Norwegian Digital museum (Norsk Folkemuseum). This small gallery was created in 1958. Photographs were taken when the then testing the new Saab 93 model by Dagbladet – Norway’s second-largest tabloid newspaper. Enjoy these beautiful photos!

Help to find a part for the Saab 93 A

Steffen Wirth wrote to us to help him in the search for the rare Saab part. Namely, he is proud owner of a Saab 93 A from 1957. This week he visited  the Saab Car Museum in Trollhaettan where he saw what he needed. It is the 6 Blade Propeller instead of the 4 Blade, and he hopes that Saab communities
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Saab Wallpapers – October 2015

For the SAAB calendar wallpaper of this month, we have Saab 9-3 Aero V6 XWD and SAAB 93 Interior. Many thanks to Abel Tan of ABEL ART for providing his beautiful SAAB photo! Enjoy! Saab Wallpapers can be downloaded at http://www.classiccarprint.com/saab.html

Very Fast Saab 96 in Folkrace

Folkrace is a popular, inexpensive, and entry-level form of Swedish rallycross that originally came from Finland, where it was called Jokamiesluokka (Everyone’s Class). The sport also exists in Norway and Denmark, where it is known as Bilcross and Folkeræs respectively. The race is divided into different heats with usually 6 cars. The driver winning a
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1959 Saab 93b with GT850 engine for Sale

This 1959 Saab 93b is a great mix of early clasic Saab bodystyle and more powerful GT850 power. Described as mechanically sorted with a newly rebuilt freewheeling transmission, the seller says it’s ready for long trips at freeway speeds but advises that tires need replacement first. Rust is an issue, but is said to be
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DIY Saab 93 from Cuba

The fact that the import ban on cars in Cuba is lifted was hope for the locals. But, for the average Cuban with a monthly salary of 20 USD buying a new car is the dream. This Saab 93 has its roots in America, but to be able to drive at all, he had to
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SAAB’s everyday #6

Another awesome photo of Saab 9-3 – 2003 SAAB 9³ Arc 2.0T 6-Speed Click on image to Enlarge spotted at saabcentral