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Retro Racing – Saab 900 Turbo with Super AirFlow kit

This Saab 900 Turbo driven by Leo Kinnunen. That was Shortlived project, but leksan aerodynamics (AirFlow) package emphasises the sporting character. He drove the car in 1985, a total of seven races, the finish line survived twice. Leo Juhani “Leksa” Kinnunen is a Finnish former car racer, the first Formula One driver from his country. He is
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1970 Saab 96 V4 Rally Car on Sale

Another great Saab example can be found in Classified Ads. It is a 1970 Saab 96 2-Door factory Rally car. This particular car has been written about extensively in SAAB circles, is well known, and one of the rarest SAABS. With full FIA papers, and known history from new, this car is the most collectable of
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