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Dangerous driving: Saab 9-5 Chasing Porsche 911

Speed isn’t everything, you have to know where you can push the pedal to the metal and where it is too dangerous. A pair of douchebag drivers decided to pit a Saab 9-5 (According to the author:2001 year model, slightly modified with Aero turbo and approx 220hp) against a Porsche 911 on a busy road in Poland.
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Saab 900 Convertible and Porsche on the same production line

Finish company Valmet Automotive’s agile Uusikaupunki plant can produce simultaneously more than one brand of cars – just check the pictures below. In the past, they have made e.g. Saab and Opel, Saab and Porsche, and Porsche, Garia and Think at the same time.

Porsche 997 Carrera S vs Saab 9-3 Maptun Stage 6+

A little action from Hungaryan motorways – Saab 9-3 Maptun Stage 6+ Biopower versus a Porshe 997 Carrera! This Porsche is a really fast car, with the possibility of rapid acceleration, but nothing to be shame for this Saab 9-3. According to the author of this video, When he was ahead of Porsche,could not just overtake him during
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The Turbocharger turns 110 years old!

The turbo-charger, which has dominated the development of the internal combustion engine for the last 30 years, turned 110 years old in this 2015. On 16 November 1905 Swiss engineer Dr. Alfred Büchi received patent No. 204630 from the Imperial Patent Office of the German Reich for a “combustion machine consisting of a compressor (turbine
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