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The First Three SAAB Prototypes for Turkish “National Car” Cost the 40 Million Euros

The Turkish “national car” project would be based on the Saab 9-3 platform with close cooperation with Nevs  engineers about the manufacturing. Prototypes which sparked widespread debate over their originality were made in Sweden and purchased for 40 million euros ($45 million). The prototypes of the future “national” cars announced on Oct.15 by Turkish minister Işık initiated
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Dongfeng and Mahindra wants share in Nevs

The clock is ticking for Saab-Nevs and must find a solution before the end of June. According to several sources Nevs negotiating with Chinese Dongfeng and Indian Mahindra. Mahindra will be interested in an ownership in Nevs while Dongfeng will be cooperating around the new Phoenix platform. It feels a bit surprising that Dongfeng interested,
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Saab to reintroduce 9-3 SportCombi as Phoenix development continues

The saga of Saab goes to show that you can’t keep a good automaker down. Founded back in 1947 (the same year, incidentally, as Ferrari, TVR and Maserati defector OSCA), Saab split off from its aerospace division, merged with Scania trucks, was subsequently picked up by General Motors, then pawned off onto Spyker before its
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PhoeniX landed in Stockholm

After the fair richly worldwide Phoenix “landed” in the Swedish capital Stockholm. Now and Swedes can see the pride and glory, and a new PhoeniX concept beautiful caravan Saab 9-5 SportCombi.