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IntSaab2016 pre-tour at NEVS facilities in Trollhättan

Today begins an international meeting – International Saab Meeting 2016 (IntSaab2016). This event will run from today until Sunday in Vadstena/Linköping (in Sweden). Yesterday, the participants of this Saab rally had the unique opportunity to visit Saab roots in Trollhättan. Friendly Hosts in the company NEVS had the pleasure to host over 60 participants of the intsaab2016 pre-tour
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Nevs-Saab Offers Deal to Creditors

National Electric Vehicle Sweden’s (NEVS) new potential owner is embroiled in intense talks with Saab AB surrounding any use of the totemic brand name for future vehicles. The owners of struggling carmaker Saab on Thursday presented a proposal to pay off part of outstanding debts to creditors, saying a writedown was necessary to exit current
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