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“Saabish” KAAB 99 L Supercar Concept

Johan Wejedal is a talented industrial and graphic designer from Gothenburg, Sweden. He’s a big fan of Saab Cars, as well as Koenigsegg supercars. Because of that, he made great hybrid concept, a combination of old Saab 99 and Koenigseggs supercar. We liked this sketch called KAAB 99 L, and this is what the author
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Koenigsegg answers questions about Saab

2009 the media reported that Koenigsegg Group, consisting of Koenigsegg Automotive AB, Christian von Koenigsegg, Bård Eker and a group of investors had signed a letter of intent with Saab to take over the brand from General Motors. In November 2009 Koenigsegg decided not to finalise the purchase of Saab and therefore left the negotiations.
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Saab Quant – This Was Supposed to Be the Future

Koenigsegg, the Swedish supercar builder and “ex-new” owner of Saab, once teamed with electronics firm NLV Solar AG to build the Saab Quant, a luxurious solar-electric prototype vehicle. Access to Saab’s production facilities was supposed to help speed the Quant into series production, but… These are sketches that show what was supposed to be this
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The 3D Printed Variable Turbo?!

Christian von Koenigsegg showcases the One: 1’s patented variable turbo, providing the perfect boost for any RPM level. Fully 3D printed (!?), with moving parts printed within the enclosed chamber, something never done before: