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Saab Performance Team Driving Show In Shanghai

Audience members surround the Saab Performance Team as they leave after the Saab Pilot Wanted show May 26, 2007 in Shanghai, China. The show is part of events held to mark the 60th anniversary of Swedish automaker Saab. The Saab Performance Team, formed in 1987 to commemorate Saab’s 40th anniversary, is a five-men squad that
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Saab Performance Team = BAIC Performance Team

The former Saab Performance team has since the bankruptcy moved to China and now works on perfecting their driving skills over at BAIC driving their version of the former generation Saab 9-5. DynaTech Performance Team driving the all new Senova (Shenbao D320) from BAIC Motors in Hong Kong. The Senova architecture comes from the Saab
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