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Internal launch of new brand NEVS

The 21st June 2016,NEVS revealed its new name and brand to the world. Last week, Saab enthusiasts from the region visited the factory NEVS, and representatives of the NEVS presented to visitor plans for the future. Now the NEVS company published video – how it was at the presentation of the new brand within the company.  Here
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Brand Ambassadors in Trollhättan for a sneak-peak of NEVS future

Two weeks ago representatives of NEVS company presented they new #NEVS brand to Saab enthusiasts from Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands. In fact, for this new brand and valuable and professional employees in the company NEVS – this visitors are not just ordinary car enthusiasts, they are true Brand ambassadors. Here’s How did this visit experienced employees of NEVS
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A new brand identity has been developed in Trollhättan – NEVS!

NEVS’ vision is to shape mobility for a more sustainable future by focusing solely on electric vehicles with mobility solutions built around them. To support this vision a new brand identity has been developed – NEVS.  NEVS will no longer use the Saab trademark! NEVS will be the trademark of the company’s products including the
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