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Black Saab Rules!

Jerry Seinfeld is one of those people that basically needs no introduction – famous stand up comedian na TV star. If you’ve never seen Seinfeld then you might want to consult a physician :) since there’s obviously something wrong with your eyes. In that TV show, Seinfeld drove a Saab 900S Convertible. From episode “The Puerto Rican Day“:
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Seinfeld’s “Coffee” Ode To Saab

Jerry Seinfeld and his special guest Fred Armisen cruise over to Portland’s Coava in a 1965 Saab 96 Monte Carlo 850 for some coffee. Seinfeld loves Portland. Seinfeld loves comedic”assassin” Carrie Brownstein, the other half of IFC’s awesome comedy “Portlandia.” Keeping Portland weird, this great coffee town was the cozy setting for Seinfeld to extol
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