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SAAB 9-0 Blender Concept

Blender is capable of creating delicious natural smoothies and drinks, packed full of nutrients that’s easy for the body to digest. And I assume that everyone have in their household, but do not have such a nice SAAB blender. This is product concept: SAAB 9-0 – Saab Inspired Blender Concept created by Logan McGee graphici and product designer
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Saab Silver 01 Concept

Luke Norman Price is a full-Time Product Designer with a BA Hons Automotive Design. This Industrial Designer with a broad range of skills, is able to take concept work through to production, and his works you can see on his blog.  Among the many design works are those relating to the Saab brand, such as for instance this example:
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SAAB – Rooted Interaction

Bryce Johnson industrial Designer from Los Angeles created this Beautiful video, the owner of two Saabs – classic Saab 900 and Saab 9-5 NG. He is product designer, with a steady focus on vehicle and product interaction design, which can be seen from this short film.