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Pulling Power – Saab 9-5

mrBman (We have already watched it many times on this blog) doing a quick pull in this hot weather in his special Saab 9-5 with finely tuned GTX3071r Turbo. His Saab 9-5 (b235r) having a power of 500 hp and 500 ftlb torque on e85. In his latest video clip he tested the pulling power from 100 km/h (60mph) to 220km/h
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Dad rides in 500hp Saab 9-5

Saab enthusiast mrBman, known for its numerous interesting SAAB videos (you have to look at this), set a new funny video. His Saab 9-5 Aero (~500bhp) with GTX3071R Turbo and a bunch of other modification,  is very fast with a huge acceleration. He has already made a series of videos in which we see the reaction of his
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Saab 9-5 (480bhp) vs Audi RS7 (560bhp)

This is known to us, very fast Saab 9-5 (by mrBman) with turbo GTX3071r having a power of 480 hp and 500 ftlb torque on e85. In this very interesting battle,  at first sight  this Saab 9-5 has no chance against  the exceptional Audi RS7. But… mrBman tested his his Saab 9-5 Versus his friend 2014 Audi RS7 (560bhp) twin turbo V8, in 60–140mph
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