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Saab AB returns to the Automotive industry!

There’s a big turnaround happening at Saab AB. After the company Saab AB took the right to use the brand name from NEVS, this is great news. The last statement of the President and CEO of Saab AB indicate that the company will return to Automotive industry in a big way. Saab’s CEO Håkan Buskhe told Swedish paper
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Gripen on Saab’s Hood

Usually, most of the Saab owners want a car that’s like a jet airplane. The Saab 9-3 “Viggen” was derived from the SAAB JA-37 Viggen jet fighter. Viggen means The Thunderbolt in Swedish, derived from the Norse god Thor’s warhammer Mjollner. This Saab in video is not Viggen, but he’s got a beautiful graphics-foil on the hood
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Saab race to Falun 2015

Next week the Nordic World Ski Championships kicks off in Falun Sweden. Saab AB is sponsor this global event, and look forward to showing people on site how Saab technology contributes daily to the protection of borders, people and society. Meet skier Torgny Mogren and the fighter aircraft Gripen in a tug-of-war where two world champions challenge
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She is the Designer of Fighter Jets!

Charlie Westrin‘s day starts by sitting down at her computer and starting up the programmes she needs for the day’s work. But it’s not enough to sit on her own and work. Charlie talks a great deal with other departments at Saab in order to get their input. She is a designer of the Gripen
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Saab gets funds for Czech Gripen upgrade

Saab has received a contract worth around SKr576 million ($76 million) from Sweden’s Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) for the support and upgrade of 14 Gripen C/Ds operated by the Czech air force. “The new agreement includes hardware modification of the aircraft and upgrade of system functionality that will deliver a continuing increase in capabilities,” says
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Czech Air Force Saab JAS-39 Gripen – Iceland Air Policing

Hotness from a cool place: check out recent SAAB footage of the Czech Gripen in action across the skies of Iceland via Airheadsfly. Pilots from 211.tl in Caslav, Czech Republic, take up the Iceland Air Policing mission in their Saab JAS-39 Gripen fighter aircraft. They find out there’s more to Iceland than coolness.