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Representatives of NEVS in the state delegation that visited Germany

NEVS was invited to join a Swedish delegation consisting of the Swedish King and Queen, ministers and representatives of prominent Swedish industries during the state visit to Germany 5-8th of October. NEVS, represented by the Manager of Research affairs and Innovation, participated in the visit in both Hamburg and Berlin, where the topics of sustainable
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57,267 of Registered SAAB Cars on German Roads in 2014

Of course, Volkswagen, Opel and Mercedes Benz remain the most common car brands registered in Germany. The total number of cars in Germany increased by 1% in 2014,  to a record 61.5 million vehicles. As expected, due to the absence of new Saab registrations, number of Saab vehicles on German roads from year to year decreases. But, still
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Used Saab 9-4X Fleet Discovered for Sale in Germany!

With only 457 examples built, the Saab 9-4X is a very interesting Swedish creation that’s about as rare as a supercar. Most of the 457 were ordered by die-hard Saab fans who are not willing to sell them, but a few were ordered by dealerships and we’ve managed to track down a full-spec example that’s
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