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NEVS at eCar Expo 2016

Last week the first electric car show in the Nordic region eCar Expo 2016 took place in Göteborg and NEVS were there of course. Jonas Hernqvist from NEVS presented the company’s plans for the future regarding mobility solutions, ideas on autonomous drive and how the environmental impact is driving the development of new technologies. Then, Next
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Tomorrow premiere of electric Saab 9-3 at local event in Trollhattan

Sveriges Radio reports NEVS is planning to show their electric Saab 9-3 in Trollhattan tomorrow. It will take place at a local roller-skating event. Electric Saabs have been made before and the NEVS EV Saab will look the same as the 9-3 with an internal combustion engine. Picture below is from the Saab 9-3 Epower
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Back to the Future – SAAB EV- prototype

  Not many people realize that, in the year it was acquired by General Motors, Saab also built an Saab EV-1 experimental prototype. Far from the suppository-like GM EV-1, the Saab take is the sort of radically awkward design that could only come from a bunch of engineers playing at stylists — you know, the
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