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Special Drift Saab 9-3 RWD is up for Sale!

You may already have seen this car on Youtube, you may have already seen this car on Youtube, it is a very interesting car – real Drift Swedish “hybrid” (see also Saab 9-5 drifter). When you look at it, you see the famous Saab 9-3 SportCombi, but  It’s got a Volvo inline 5-cylinder engine B524t5, BMW gearbox,
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Saab 9-5 BiTurbo Drifter in Action

This is known RWD Saab 9-5 drifter with BMW’s V8 M60B40 engine. Saab 9-5 TwinTurbo drifter has reached an output of 725 hp, and the goal of tuner is that they reach 1000 horsepower. So far we have not seen it in action, this biturbo car is started with the competition in the Swedish Driftnig championship,  and the first
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