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Saab 9-5 stereo upgrade (USB, SD-card, AUX-in, MP3 player)

If your good old SAAB 9-5 have an tape player, you might want to upgrade to the MP3 Music Player. ITT Group has created a MP3 Module upgrade kit for SAAB 9-5 original stereo. This upgrade kit costs 114 euros and allows you to play Music from SD card, USB stick or Aux in (e.g. phone, player etc.). MP3 module for SAAB 9-5 original stereo is a
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DIY: How to Fix Saab Noisy Door?

If you have problems with Noisy doors, here is a simple and quick solution. The most likely cause of the noise is SAAB Door Stop (SAAB OE: 12778754, 12778755, 12785626, 12796231) The door stop is not electrical, it is the arm that keep the door from opening all the way to the fender. Noise is generated due to loose
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Saab 9-5 DIY: Coolant Bypass Valve Replacement

Here’s the new video from Trionic Seven production. This time, it’s a topic Coolant Bypass Valve Replacement on Saab 9-5. In the Saab 9-5 there is a valve (Coolant Bypass Valve or Heater Bypass Valve) in the cooling system that is prone to failure, resulting in leaking coolant. The leakage can be sudden and the car
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SAAB Do It Yourself website

Website fixmysaab.com is the ultimate SAAB “Do It Yourself“ webpage. Owner  of this website Jeff repair his own personal cars, and he snap pictures and document the procedures. This website covers the Saab C900, Saab 9000 and Saab 9-5. All the Saab repair instructions are written “step by step“, and well illustrated.