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Saab 666 Motorcycle

SaaBSA was first Saab two-stroke engine swapped in motorcycle, but of course, not the last. Björn Sohlberg Swedish enthusiasts successfully installed Saab 2-stroke engine on the frame of the motorcycle, and symbolically named – Saab 666. According to the creator, the project is not yet finished, but he will be persistent. Before the 3-cyl. the SAAB used
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Saab 92.1 prototype with Husqvarna 2-t engine

This was The Secret Husqvarna Automobile Project… Not very many people of today know about the Husqvarna automobile project during the first years of the 1940´s. However, some leading Husqvarna employes speculated in a Post World War market. Secret discussions took place between the head of the Development Department, the engineer Bengt Magnusson, the supervisor Birger
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DKW SAM with Saab’s Heart

Engineer and glider constructor Władysław Okarmus built it in 60’s and use a ’38 DKW as a base. In late 80’s he swapped an engine from SAAB. Władysław Okarmus, a famous designer of unpowered aircraft, built his own SAM on the base of a pre-war DKW. It used a laminate body and followed glider design
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