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NEVS’s annual report for 2015 nominated for “Sweden Design Award”

NEVS company’s annual report for 2015 has been nominated in Svenska Designpriset for its design in the ‘Annual report’ category. The design of the NEVS annual report was conducted by the Swedish agency Profil Kommunikation from Trollhättan – the agency that creates communicative experiences that people like and talk about. Agency: Profile Communication Designer: Lina Engström
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Saab Aero by Lugnegård Design

Mikael Lugnegård is a Industrial/Concept designer from Sweden. He work with concept development, industrial design and workshops, and he believe in the power of design — that it truely has the capacity to change the world.  He have had the privilege of working with brands like RED, Wacom, SCANIA, Superstudio, Digital Tutors, The Brand Agency, Interaction Design Lab, UID and
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Saab Design

Really, really Great footage of all things Saab. Tons of heritage, and Bjork playing in the background. Must see: