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Saab 9000 in Real-Life “the Small Overlap Crash Test”

Last week in the US city of Cleveland occurred an unusual car accident, which involved a Saab 9000 and one Hyundai. “They say Saabs are tough. A girl cut me off and met the front of my car. I just have a few marks to buff out, a rim and a fender marker light to replace,
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Saab 99 Drop test

Saab has always shown an extraordinary dedication to safety, and many lives have been saved by its designs. According to all international crash safety organisations, drivers and passengers are much more likely to survive a crash in a Saab than in many other makes of car. After its launch, the Saab 99 won the Don safety
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Crash Test Scania vs. Saab

Scania is incorporated in their trucks crash-zone. Deformation zone on trucks save lives in car-to-truck collisions. Scania’s deformable crash-zone for trucks has the potential of saving 900 lives per year on European roads. The 600-mm ”bonnet” at the front is purpose-built to absorb energy in a frontal collision with a passenger car.   The survivable collision speed
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Saab vs. Train – Crash Test

“Lithuanian Railways” performed today interesting test, in order to improve safety at railway crossings.  260-ton Train (locomotive) crash into a parked Saab onto train tracks with ~40kmph. In  the Saab is set up the test dummy. Next year is planned a similar experiment,  but with faster train – ~90 km/h. Rail level crossing safety is the industry’s number one safety priority. Level crossings
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Saab 9-5 in real Life Crash Test

Like this example of sandwiched Saab 9-5, here’s another great example of excellent set crumple zone that absorbs energy from an impact, by Saab engineers. Also, it is a Saab 9-5, which suffered a very heavy impact from behind. This is what is stated owner of this Saab 9-5, after accident: “I’m fine. I was stopped waiting to turn left and a
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Saab in Moose Crash Test Project

Magnus Gens Master’s Thesis ( in Vehicle Engineering) project was initiated in 1994 and sponsored by Skyltfonden of the Swedish Road Administration, and thesis was successfully defended in 2001. In certain areas of our planet there are big wild animals. One big species is the moose (called elk in certain regions). Scandinavia has a very large
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Saab 9000 NHTSA crash test from 1986

Every proud ownerof Saab 9000 this video breaks his heart, but this was done in the name of science and Saaber safety! in this video we see Saab 9000 NHTSA test – Frontal Impact 60 km/h (No Airbags) from 1986.  1987 Saab 9000 with the driver’s airbag and strengthened seats earned 5-5 and finally the redesigned model for
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SAAB 96 SG-2 funny crash-test

Saab 96 SG-2 is not the car that will save Saab. It’s just funny magazin “Classics” Editor’s vision of how a safety car from Saab could have looked like in the 1970s. We believe that the crash test did not look like this

Crash Test: 2007 Saab 9-3

This is Crash Test of Insurance Institute for Highway Bumper : 2007 Saab 9-3 Front Full: ,476 Front Corner: ,076 Rear Full: ,722 Rear Corner: 69 Total Damage in 4 Tests: ,243 The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is an independent, nonprofit, scientific and educational organization dedicated to reducing the losses — deaths, injuries, and
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Saab 96 crash test in 1967.

This rare video shows the first test of the Swedish Saab 96 or pioneers in the field of traffic safety. Since then, and safety of road users and the tests have progressed and come a long way, but it is interesting to see how it used to