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Barn find: Seven classic Saabs in one Garage!

Jonathan Jogenfors From Trionic Seven channel found a remarkable pearl – he found Seven Classic Saabs In A Little Garage in Öland, Sweden. This Garage is filled with nostalgia, including one rare Saab Sonett II V4, five Saab 96 (including a convertible!), one Saab 95 wagon and one custom Saab 95 pick-up. The exact location of this “Nostalgia Garage” and
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A Saab Story from Texas

Here’s another nice Saab story, and comes to us from Texas. In the center of the story are 1967 Saab 96 and owner of this nice little car Phil Auldridge. He drives and talks about his Saab 96 in this video, and he says – “This car has a character, it’s got story to tell…It has been
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Impressive Saab 96 Rally 1969 For Sale

Known Classic Saab blogger and also a member of the Saab Club Of Finland Tommi Järvinen sells its impressive project car 1969 Saab 96 Rally. He pu the Saab 96 Rallycar up for sale since he has a new project coming  and he simply do not has the room to keep them all. If you have followed his Tommi’s Saab Site
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Help to find a part for the Saab 93 A

Steffen Wirth wrote to us to help him in the search for the rare Saab part. Namely, he is proud owner of a Saab 93 A from 1957. This week he visited  the Saab Car Museum in Trollhaettan where he saw what he needed. It is the 6 Blade Propeller instead of the 4 Blade, and he hopes that Saab communities
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Again on auction: Fantastic 1967 Saab 95 V4

This 1967 Saab 95 V4 is already several years appearing in various car auctions in North America,  and changed owners at a high price – usually the selling price ranges between 30 and 40 thousand dollars! This SAAB 95 WAGON was originally purchased in Northern California in 1967 and sold 12 years later to another Californian, who rebuilt the
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Well Preserved 1973 Saab 95 V4 for Sale

This is well preserved 1973 Saab 95 V4 and is now up for sale. It’s a Carolina blue car with brown interior. The car has been totally reliable even on the coldest mornings, it drives very nicely and is a good solid car. Has had welding to the floor which is totally solid and the
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SAAB 900 Turbo 16S Aero by LEGO

His flickr name is lego911 but his real name is Peter Blackert, and he’s an engineer for Ford, and no one on the planet is more dedicated to LEGO automotive building. He is a car and lego enthusiast who has been building Lego cars since 1981. With the advent of the internet he have been able to share his creations
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Saab 900 Turbo Commercial 1989

This is classic Saab 900 Turbo Commercial from 1989 created for the Australian market. As a non-domestic car, Saab there advertise as “a leader in safety, luxury and performance – first class European motoring ar an affordable price…“ At that time, in Australia, its price was 29,550 Australian dollars,  which was 22.753 US dollars.

Saab 96 Sport at Falkenberg Classic 2015

In early September this year, is held the traditional classic car race – Falkenberg Classic 2015. In this race, apart from the crowd good old cars, took part and one Saab 96 Sport with driver Mikael Mohlin from Bohus Racing Club, in the class Standard-65 1000cc. In this race participated  four more Saab 96 Sport. Mikael Mohlin has dominated
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The Biggest Secret SAAB Collector!

We saw video about a secret BMW Collector, so thats nothing compared to this Saab Collector! This is unofficially,The most significant collections of Classic SAABs on the planet. Located in a secret place somewhere on the planet. According to some viewers, it is a Finnish collector. He’s collection is built on deep love of SAABs .

INTSAAB 2015 Adventure in Norway

The Norwegian Classic Saab Club (GsV) Trollstigen -senic route is delighted to invite you to INTSAAB 2015, which will take place in the Norwegian fjordscape between the 2nd and 7th of August 2015, starting in Bergen. In 1997 there was a rally which led us through Norway all the way up to the North Cape. The rally and the
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Classic Saab 96 Set On Fire in UK

As reported by UK newspaper, in the British Blackfield Someone set fire to a classic Saab 96. RESIDENTS have spoken of their shock after a house in their neighbourhood was targeted by arsonists. It’s thought to be the second time in a year the > Neighbours told how they woke to find emergency services in
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