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Saab 900 T16S “Ruby Edition” on eBay

The Saab 900T16S Ruby Edition had the 185 bhp (138 kW; 188 PS) ‘Carlsson’ engine but no body kit, a one genuine car is on eBay on sale. All were in ‘Ruby’ Red and can be distinguished from other 900s by the colour-coded bumpers and grey (rather than silver) alloy wheels. They also had the
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Saab 9-3 X4R with 802 hp/775 Nm

Project manager Per-Anders (P-A) Johansson from SpeedParts stands behind the creations brilliant Saab 9-3 X4R with 802 hp/775 Nm (from some sources – latest dyno results are 950hp and 950nm). It is simply incredible number of modifications that (P-A) Johansson has done on this car, and a whole list of modifications can be found on
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