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The First Three SAAB Prototypes for Turkish “National Car” Cost the 40 Million Euros

The Turkish “national car” project would be based on the Saab 9-3 platform with close cooperation with Nevs  engineers about the manufacturing. Prototypes which sparked widespread debate over their originality were made in Sweden and purchased for 40 million euros ($45 million). The prototypes of the future “national” cars announced on Oct.15 by Turkish minister Işık initiated
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Rebadged Saab 9-3 is Turkey’s New National Car!

Turkey’s project to create a national car brand was first announced in 2011 and attracted the attention of many national and international companies. But there was no support from domestic or foreign companies, not even from Ford, Fiat, Renault or the several other international car companies which have important production plants in Turkey, for a new brand utilizing the traditional internal combustion technology. Upadate 15.
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Rare Cadillac BLS Commercial – rebadged Saab 9-3

Even Cadillac is probably trying to forget that they rebadged a Saab 9-3 and tried to pretend it fit the Standard of the World. Only the European market got to see this spot fot Cadillac BLS. Cadillac BLS. Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour

Cadillac BLS Based on Saab’s 9-3

The Cadillac BLS is a compact executive car marketed in Europe by Cadillac, a division of General Motors. Based on GM’s Epsilon architecture, the BLS was a heavily restyled version of the Saab 9-3. Traditional Saab enthusiasts are likely unhappy with the way General Motors is treating our brand: There was that rebadged Subaru, that reworked
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