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Can SAAB diesel exhaust sound tuned like gasoline?

Truth be told, the diesel engine wasn’t very loved by the majority of petrolheads; partly because it was heavy, low-revving, noisy and not that refined, and partly due to its lack of pleasant exhaust notes – among other key differences. Modern cars with diesel engines generate more noise from the engine itself than from the
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Engine Technologies: Variable Twin Scroll Turbocharger

Variable Geometry Turbochargers and Twin Scroll Turbochargers each have their own unique advantages, but what if you could combine the technology together? Borgwarner  (known for TwinTurbo in Saab 9-3 TTiD) has developed a turbocharger concept where a twin scroll turbocharger has a valve which can redirect exhaust airflow into just a single scroll, or vary the
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NEVS Receives New Order for Saab 9-3 EV From Huateng Company

NEVS announced today receives New Order for 20.000 9-3 EV (Saab 9-3 EV platform) from Chinese Huateng Company, reports P4 West radio. Electric car company Nevs in Trollhättan has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Chinese company Huateng said to be worth 8.5 billion SEK or USD 1 billion. A couple of weeks ago, Nevs announced the sale of
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